25 Event Strategies For Facebook And Twitter

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With the growing popularity of Facebook and Twitter it’s imperative your event has a social media presence to succeed. Here are 25 actionable tips your event can easily implement.

Use facebook giveaways Leverage the Facebook Events feature - You can use the Facebook events feature to create and promote events, and to get people to invite their friends, all without leaving Facebook. It can also help to amplify the viral growth of your events because when people sign up for an event, all their Facebook friends see it. That gives you potential to reach hundreds if not thousands of new people.

Hold contests and give away prizes - You can give away prizes and hold contests to attract new event attendees and to get existing attendees who liked your events to help promote your business. You can reward people with discounts to upcoming events if they help to spread the word about your events. Each month you can give discounts to any of the new members.

Link to your website and event listings from your Facebook page - If you drive people from Facebook or Twitter to your site, those people can RSVP to your events through your site, or do anything else you want them to do. Part of your goal should be to get some of the users away from Twitter or Facebook and engaging on your site.

Make sure you get your followers email Consistently remind people to join your email list - Email lists are great because no matter what happens to Facebook or Twitter in the future, you won't risk losing all your followers, and you will be able to reach the people who have liked your page via email. Similarly, cross-promote all your social networks so that people follow you elsewhere. This will help prevent losing the people you can reach if anything happens to any of the social networks where people keep in touch with you. Additionally, the more places people follow you, the more they will see your updates and the more they will be likely to engage with your updates.

Refer-a-friend discounts - Give discounts to members of your Facebook group. Also, give people discounts if they invite friends to like your Facebook group or share your group on their Facebook wall or Twitter account. A discount is good because you can still make a profit (although smaller) from those attendees, and they possibly bring you more attendees by telling their friends. Just make sure that the referrer and the friend get a discount because you want both of them to have extra incentive to participate.

Create a YouTube channel - A YouTube channel is great because not only can you get promotion from your YouTube channel, posting videos to your Facebook group will get people engaged, and you can funnel people from YouTube to your Facebook group or page, and cross-promote them. Additionally, if you can record your events, it will give you lots of content which you can promote on YouTube and post on Facebook and Twitter. The more content you post, the more exposure you will get.

SEO optimize your Facebook page SEO Optimize your Facebook page - Write a long description of your Facebook business page and event pages. Optimize it for keywords that you want to rank for in Google search. That will give your Facebook event pages or business page a chance to rank in Google searches. Google likes authoritative sites and Facebook is one of the most authoritative sites out there. If you link to your page enough, and keyword-optimize it, your business page on Facebook might just rank well in Google!

Promote from your personal Facebook profile - This is a somewhat controversial suggestion because many people don’t want to promote their business to their friends. But your personal Facebook page is full of locals who can help you spread the word about your events. If you decide to use your personal Facebook page to promote your events, be careful not to annoy or irritate your Facebook friends when promoting on your personal Facebook account. Promote your work genuinely, don’t be all about selling, and get your friends involved in helping your business.

Create a Facebook business page - Whether you promote your events on your personal Facebook page or not, you should also create a business page for your business. You can use your business page to get new people to like your page, and get updates from you, while not overloading your personal Facebook account with complete strangers.

Promote other small businesses in your area - Seek out small businesses or bloggers in your city that have large Facebook followings, and offer to cross-promote with them. You can get some of the people who liked your page to like theirs, and vice versa.

Buy facebook likes and promote your tweets Buy Facebook likes - Increasing the number of likes on your business page makes you and your business seem more authoritative. After all, if you came across a Facebook page with 100,000 likes, you would give it a second look to see what was so special about it, correct? That is what you want people to do when people come across your Facebook page. Make them take a closer look to learn more about your events. You can buy Facebook likes from Facebook, which is relatively expensive if you plan to buy thousands of likes (although you will also be paying to reach new potential event attendees). Or you can buy Facebook likes cheaply but from accounts of lesser quality (possibly many fake accounts) on a service like Fiverr.

Create a private Facebook group - By creating a private Facebook group that only the "special" or regular attendees can join, you can create and foster a group of customers who love your event series, and would be willing to give you extra promotion, and generally go out of their way to engage with your business. Plus, you can charge some of the people for access to your company's private Facebook group as a premium feature. Additionally, you can create a private Facebook group for other small business owners in your city to help exchange marketing tips and tricks, and to help promote each other whenever someone has something they need promoted.

Use Boosted Posts - Boosted posts are Facebook's way to let you reach all the people who had liked your Facebook business page. You actually have to pay to reach all of them. This might sound like a rip-off, and for the most part it is, but there is a very nice silver lining here. If you promote lucrative paid events, boosted posts begin to make sense if you can make more money from the attendees you reach than you spend to reach them.

Network with business cards at local business events - When you print your business cards, add links to the Facebook page you want to promote, and any other social media links that are important for you to promote.

Promote your facebook and twitter on air Get publicity on the radio - Check out a site http://www.radioguestlist.com which sends out daily inquiries by radio show hosts who are looking for expert guests. The radio shows are both Internet radio shows and terrestrial radio shows. One of the best parts of getting on these shows is that they usually publish show notes in which they may link to your site, which is great for your site’s SEO. When you get this publicity, make sure to also funnel people to like your page on Facebook, and mention your Facebook page when you are being interviewed.

Get publicity from blogs and publications - Just like you can get on the radio with RadioGuestList.com you can try to get publicity from blogs and publicatiosn with HARO (Help A Reporter Out). You can visit their site at http://www.helpareporter.com/ and sign up. They send daily email with queries by journalists who are looking to get insight from experts for various stories that they are working on. If they use your input, you will get a mention in their publications. When you get this publicity, make sure to funnel people to like your page on Facebook in addition to anything else you are promoting!

Use your local city hashtags - When you make social media updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites where people use hashtags, use the hashtags for your local area. For example, if you are in New York, use the hashtag #NYC or #NYCEvents or any other local hashtags. That will increase the chances that more people will discover you via the locally targeted hashtag.

Facebook’s Paid marketing - With Facebook’s paid marketing option, you can target potential new clients by many criteria. You can target people by the city in which they live, and by hobbies and interests that you think might make them a good candidate to possibly become a client for your business.

Mention people by name in your Facebook and Twitter updates - when you mention people by name, they get an alert about it and see it. If you say something flattering about them, they will be likely to like your post and maybe re-share it or re-tweet it. You can do this with anyone, but it is great if you can do this with known people who have large followings. Their likes and shares will give you extra exposure to many people.

Your a pro, let everyone know! Use Facebook And Twitter to establish yourself as an expert - In everything you do with your business, you must position yourself as an expert in your business niche. If people view you as an expert or an authority, they will trust you more. Trust is key to sales. People don't buy without trust. You can position yourself as an expert or leading event in your business niche, and build trust over time by posting insightful or interesting updates, and growing your following on Facebook.

Join Facebook groups with your business peers - Facebook groups for professionals are rapidly surpassing LinkedIn business groups in popularity and effectiveness. There are Facebook groups for SEO marketing, social media marketing, podcasting, YouTube, and just about any other business topic. Join these groups and be active on them. They are full of helpful professionals who can give you great advice about particulars of how to grow your business using different strategies.

Make good updates - This may sound moot, but the better your Facebook updates are, the more engagement you will get. And the more engagement (likes, shares, and comments) you get, the more extra marketing you will be able to get via those shares and likes. To make good updates, make sure the titles you use are very engaging and you make good use of visuals. Beautiful and bright photos along with catchy titles tend to perform very well.

Use a Wordpress plugin like the "Revive Old Posts" plugin - the Revive Old Posts plugin allows you to take your old posts (can be as old as just one day) and post them on Twitter and Facebook automatically at regular intervals. This is good for engaging your Facebook audience as well as giving them more content to share, like and comment on. This will help your social sharing as well as possibly the SEO of your blog posts due to the extra social sharing.

Be Funny and Unique! Like and comment on people's posts who have large followings - when you like or comment on other people's Facebook and Twitter updates (make sure those people have many friends or people who like their pages), and on long discussion threads, many people see your comments and may like your page or engage with your business after learning about your events.

Be funny and entertaining - social media is all about humor and entertainment. Humor makes people like you and your company's brand. People like positivity, and it will draw people to your account.

Be extraordinary! - Whatever events you promote, don’t be boring and bland about it. If you have flare, it will get you recognized and remembered. Be unique and interesting, and that might give you the edge to beat out your competition.

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Be Funny and Unique!
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