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Looking for a cost effective high quality solution. Our UV-Coated badges are printed on 10 or 15mil thick plastic and coated with a high gloss liquid that is cured with UV light. Similar to a cover of a magazine, UV Coated badges are an excellent way to make your attendees feel important and ensure their return to the next event you hold.


FREE Variable Printing

Each badge can be custom imprinted with a list of names, numbers, and barcodes which our highly trained staff will do for you ABSOLUTELY FREE

CLICK HERE to learn more about our badge´s different mil thicknesses.

Don’t have a design? No problem!

Take advantage of our in-house graphic designers who know exactly what it takes to make a badge each and every attendee will want to hang on to long after your event is over. Our custom design service is only $89! That’s completely custom; one of a kind, designed from scratch designs. A design can even be broken up into sub designs. A sub design can be simply a variation such as Backstage or Staff or it can be a completely separate unique event or performance. **Grandstand Design includes 3 unique designs with 5 variations of each design.  Variations include Background color and Date Changes Only.  If your order requires more than 3 designs please contact a sales representative before placing your order as additional charges may apply. The additional charges do not apply to variable printing orders where we will be printing individual names or photos. Variable Printing is FREE here at Grandstand Ink.

Need A barcode? Done!

We can print any barcode under the sun. We can integrate with all the online ticket outlets and scanners on the market today for no extra charge. *If you will be using a barcode please specify in the additional notes area and a representative will contact you for further details.

What about special numbering or custom name printing? You name it, we do it!

If you have assigned seating manifests, prefixes, suffixes, check digits or anything else we got you covered at no extra charge. *If you are unsure what manifest file to upload please indicate in the additional notes and a representative will contact you.

I want to use these as staff badges. Can each badge have an employee picture? Absolutely!

With our unique printing process printing each employee’s picture, name, job title, etc is no problem. In fact, we will even do it for free! *We do require that the pictures you send in be all the same size. In addition, you must provide a spreadsheet with a list of the image files to be printed. For more clarification please click here or contact a sales rep at 1-800-481-4948.

Is there a way to make these more secure? Yes!

Since our badges are solid plastic foil is not a good option for this product, but that doesn’t mean there are not options. We have an eager and creative staff that will help you come up with the best possible solution for your needs. If a plastic badge isn’t secure enough for you we encourage you to call and discuss your options with a sales representative before placing any order. 1-800-481-4948.

Minimum Order Size 300 minimum order size for this product.
Custom Design Basic Custom Design is available for an additional $89
Substrate Choose Paper or Plastic Media For Printing Before Lamination
Color Badges can be printed [Color Front / No Back] , [Color Front / Black Back ] or [Color Front / Color Back]
Security If you are looking for holograms, metallic emblems, or custom shapes please call 1-800-481-4948 for a custom quote.
Barcoding Badges can be barcoded with any specifications required at no additional charge. Please call 1-800-481-4948 for more details.
Numbering Practically limitless FREE numbering options.
Individualizing Badges can be individually printed with names, titles, employee pictures, etc at no extra charge. For help with file submission please call 1-800-481-4948
Turnaround Time
Average Production Time Badges will be shipped 3-6 Business Days after Customer Approval

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